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We partnered with Nutmeg in an effort to optimise our product offering for our customers in the UK. Nutmeg is an online investment management service that helps you build and manage investment portfolios at a low cost.

Fidor has added Nutmeg onto its banking platform providing access to investment opportunities and enabling its customers to build and manage their portfolios. You can invest your money into a range of professionally managed portfolios that are tailored to your needs. Nutmeg will determine your risk appetite through a series of questions and then let you invest in 1 of 10 portfolios ranked from low risk (1) to high risk (10).

You can invest as little as £500 with a £100 monthly direct debit, and choose to regularly topping up your fund or investing a larger sum at the beginning. Nutmeg has a transparent and fair fee structure that lets you see exactly how much you will be paying based on how much you invest.

How to get started

It is very easy to access Nutmeg investments. You simply need to log in to your Fidor Smart Current account. Under “My Products”, you will find the “Investments” section where you can click on Nutmeg and start the process by being directed to the company’s platform.


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