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Fidor Smart Community – Banking with Friends

We believe that people have a lot of ideas, experience and knowledge about finance, and we also think it is important that they are able to share them. That's why we created the Fidor Bank community. Share your own knowledge and experiences and receive honest opinions and tips, without the sales pitch. To top this off, you'll also get rewards for your activity. 



Ask the Community

Do you have any personal finance questions or want to find new saving tips? Feel free to ask our community members.

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Advise the Community

Are you a personal finance expert? Help other community members by answering their personal questions.

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Fidor Community Features

Discover your Fidor Community Features:  In the Fidor Smart Community you can get answers to all your finance questions. The best part is that you will be rewarded for each Personal Finance Question you post. Take the first step to becoming a financial expert!


Fidor Smart Community Rewards

Being part of the Fidor Smart Community gets you rewarded in two ways: with the Fidor Bonus Programme and Community Karma.

Find out more information below.


Fidor Bonus Programme

It pays to talk about money. With the Fidor Smart Community, comes the Fidor Smart Bonus Programme, where you get rewarded for your contribution to the community.

Why? As a thank you for helping other Fidor community members.
Bonus amounts depend on how useful your input is for other users. For example, a product suggestion which is useful for many members will receive a larger bonus than asking a question which can be easily answered. The bonus is paid into your account on a monthly basis.

Please see the Price List at Fidor Bank in order to find out more information about our rewards.





Community Karma

The Community Karma is an innovative step towards social banking and encourages peer-to-peer support among customers. It measures the quality of contributions and interactions between users and ranks your activity against that of the entire community. Each activity counts and is combined with the activities of other users. Community Karma is updated daily by Fidor. 

To create the Community Karma, comments, social networking, money-related questions, saving tips, product suggestions, group activities and ratings of the individual user are taken into account


Get your Karma now

What are the benefits of high Karma?

With a high Karma you can profit in many ways, because a high Karma benefits everyone and therefore you should get rewarded. We not only pay different Bonuses for being active but would also like to give you the chance to build your own bank.

Exclusive competitions

From time to time we offer competitions, which are for high Karma users only. You can win soccer tickets, money, cups and more.


Be one of the first people, who can see and use our brand new products, features or apps. We invite our best users to test them and provide us with feedback to make sure we bring the best product to the public. 


User with Karma over 7,0 will be invited to meet our colleagues from the bank. Discuss existing new products with them and get in contact with other community users.

How to improve your personal Community Karma

Openness, fairness, networking and community interactions provide the basis for a good karma. Run constructive discussions, network with other community members, provide good content and get involved in Personal Finance Questions, Saving Tips, Product Suggestions and Product Reviews. An additional trust-building measure can be to link your social media accounts to your community account.

The Community Karma is updated daily. 

   Become a finance guru and inspire other users!

Increase your Karma score for this category by doing any of the following:
- Ask and/or answer personal finance questions
- Suggest products and/or give saving tips
- Review products and/or experts

   Not connected yet?

Increase your Karma score for this category by doing any of the following:
- Send and/or receive messages from other members

- Increase your list of contacts

   Show you personality!

Increase your Karma score for this category by connecting any of the following six accounts to your profile:
- Twitter
- Facebook
- YouTube
- Google+
- LinkedIn
- Instagram

  Be a leader, share your knowledge with others

Increase your Karma score for this category by doing any of the following:
- Write comments and/or forum posts
- Like and/or dislike posts across the community
- Create and/or participate in groups

Max Super
Community Moderator

I think the bonus program is great as it gives me the possibility of being rewarded for my activity in the community. 

Avatar 2
Community User

I think Fidor Bank is great because it stands out from other banks. It is very good that the customer can participate in the community and also receives a bonus for this. This is what makes them so special.

Community User Image
Community User

Registered my account with Fidor UK. Took less than one minute and received £5 bonus - clearly not a "normal" bank.