What’s the best free music streaming service for your money in 2019?

Published on 25. January 2019

With a growing wealth of online music choice out there, it’s increasingly difficult to distinguish what’s the best value for your streaming service. From Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon and others, Fidor UK will unveil how much you could be saving with the right subscription.

Gone are the days of the iPod, where uploading music via a chunky white USB cable used to take up a good portion of your Sunday afternoon. Now, with on-demand music, streaming any genre of music is available directly from app to mobile. But which one will cost you, and which offer discounts suitable for most budgets?

If you’re fine with pesky adverts, there are always free versions of music streaming apps. However, Premium models are always best preferred to have uninterrupted peace of mind (who needs a disgruntled car ads when listening to self-meditating songs of Icelandic whales?)

First, let’s identify the top players and explore the differently-priced options out there, so you can get more 'boom for your buck'. 


Spotify has been around since 2006, making the music mogul practically a dinosaur in the subscription-streaming business. Spotify is partnered with the Alexa, so if you have a device, it might be worth using for your home entertainment. Whether you're a fan of Queen, Guns'n'Roses or Metallica, you'll be sure to find the best albums in Spotify, however, there are few that are ticked off the service's list (Jay-Z, Beyonce, Gareth Brooks, Dr-Dre to name a few) for competitive and ethical reasons. Browser supported and Typical premium costs begin at £9.99 a month.

Amazon Music
Amazon music is a sort of all-in-1 goodie bag. You've got Prime membership, Alexa, Amazon direct, on-demand movie streaming and now music. If you think the king-pin of the internet couldn't get any bigger, think again. The corporation has added music to their ever-growing list of services. They currently boast over 29 million songs in their catalog and are growing each day. 
Tidal boasts a "C-D quality" listening experience, designed for the avid listener who likes to listen to their songs in crisp, clear studio quality, preferably through Dre-beats headphones, who is also one of the co-founders of the hipster subscription service. They offer two services, Tidal HiFI or Tidal Premium ranging from £9.99 to £19.99 per month. 
Apple Music
Everyone's familiar with Apple products. As one of the largest contender in the technology market, it's no surprise they're tackling the music streaming business. With 50 million songs available, in iTunes for both iOS and Android devices. 
The latest to join the streaming family is Youtube. Although Youtube has effectively been King of video content since the dawn of the Millenium, their streaming service has recently launched and the shiny feature is bursting with surprises.
Google Play Music 
Google started up their quest for music to complement the Play store in 2011. Prices start from the usual £9.99 per month and includes a library of 40 million songs.
Deezer is offered in three tiers: an ad-supported Discovery tier, a premium version for £9.99 and an Elite version £14.99 per month. Deezer's has 53 million tracks in their library and boasts a wide playlist structure that can altered based on mood and genre.



Free Trials 

Before reeling you into the service, and getting you hooked on on-demand music, most of the companies will offer a free trial period before having to commit up front. These offers are completely free to use, and usually serve from 30 days to a huge 90 days. Keep an eye out for hidden promotions, too. If you've recently cancelled your membership, the biggest services will often lure you back in with another free trial at a later date, so it's best to keep your eyes peeled.

Free Trials Duration

30, 60, 90-days 

Amazon Music 30-days 

30-days,60-days Deezer+

Tidal 30-days
Youtube Music 30-days
Apple Music 90-days
Google Play Music 30-days



Family plans

(Shared between 6 people cheaper for an entire group)

Be warned: Spotify have strict policy when it comes down to what exactly defines a family member, you must be living at the same address and share the same surname (no, your pet dog won't qualify for this offer unfortunately!) Tidal and Youtube are the only two that don't seem to offer bulk prices for family members. 


Family Plans Price per month
Spotify £14.99
Amazon Music £14.99 or £149 with Prime included
Deezer £14.99
Google Play Music £14.99
Apple Music £14.99



Student Plans

(Valid with an accredited University email address) 

A less popular option within the streaming services are student plans. However, they do exist, so if you're a cash-strapped student, it's better to jump on the music bandwagon and save yourself a more-than-half-price bargain. 

 Student Plans Price per month
Spotify £4.99
Apple Music £4.99


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