£100 reward

Share your knowledge by creating a user video

Share your knowledge and be rewarded!

Are you an expert in a certain field of banking and finance? Then pass on your knowledge!

Following our slogan "Banking with Friends", Fidor Bank customers share their knowledge among each other with selfmade videos.

By creating a video, you will not only help other users, but also get a personal bonus of £100 for each video that is approved and published on our YouTube channel.

Here are some topic ideas for the content of your video:


  • Product related (how to open an account, how to create a savings bond etc.)
  • Informational (what is a savings bond, how SEPA transfers work etc.)
  • Community related (how to register, how to use the community, how to interact etc.)
  • Company related (information about Fidor Bank, our services, our products, our vision etc.)


Want to submit a video and earn £100?

1. Simply download and complete the form here and send it to us via email.
2. Please note that Terms and conditions apply.


How will I be compensated?

Prior to publication, your video has to undergo several checks from the respective departments. That might take a while since only the best videos will be published on our YouTube channel.
As soon as your video is published, you will receive your bonus on your Fidor Smart Current Account.

We are looking forward to your submissions!